Basic Eye Health and Vision Exam

A standard eye exam by Dr. Chu covers a complete medical history including both eye and your general health. A series of tests will be conducted, including Visual Acuity, muscle balance tests, peripheral vision and papillary responses. A Refraction determines your best possible vision at both distance and near. In addition to your vision, Dr. Chu will measure your intraocular eye pressure and examine all structures of your eye from the cornea in the front to your retina in the back. After evaluating all the data the doctor will discuss the various treatment options to allow you to see your best.

Contact Lens Exam

In addition to the basic eye health and vision exam all contact lens wearers need additional testing in order to safely wear contact lenses. All contact lens exams include the following: Complete analysis of contact lens prescription requirement, evaluation of previous contact lens history, lens type, wearing schedules, evaluation of your eye’s particular physiological requirements related to wearing lenses. Diagnostic lenses and fitting various lens modalities based on your prescription will render a final contact lens prescription. For current wearers, the current contact lens fit is evaluated to insure the eyes and contact lenses are compatible. Changes to the fit and power of the contact lenses will be prescribed as necessary to promote continued eye health and best vision. The doctors will discuss new contact lenses that become available when appropriate.

Medical Eye Exams

Certain medical conditions like diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration often require more than a basic vision exam including additional testing or you may need to be seen more often than your vision insurance allows. We can bill your medical insurance for these procedures.